Our Mission Is

The average household discards more than 1,200lbs of packaging waste per year, that’s almost 4lbs every day.

Still, Amazon ships more than 3.3 million boxes per day, 1.2 billion/year. That’s a lot of boxes.

Plastic lasts forever, but most is only used once. By 2050, scientists predict the ocean will contain more plastic than fish.

Our Zero-Waste Journey

The Rounds is building the world’s first fully closed loop, two-way last mile logistics network to cut unnecessary packaging waste.

Sustainability is our business and zero-waste commerce is how we are tackling one of our generation’s most consequential problems.

Achieving circularity won’t happen overnight and we’re grateful that you are joining us on this journey. Our commitment to our Members is to be transparent with where we are as we make meaningful progress.

where we are today:

No Packaging Waste

Goodbye cardboard boxes and plastic, hello reusable containers in a tote bag at your door. Because we buy in wholesale quantities, we vastly reduce individual packaging waste. 94% of the products we sell come to you with zero waste, the exception come in original packaging for food safety reasons.

We Are Hyper-Efficient

Like a modern day milkman, we make the rounds in your neighborhood on the same day every week, mainly by e-bike, to deliver your everyday essentials and pick up the empties for you and your neighbors. More efficient delivery routes mean fewer miles by less vehicles, reducing traffic and emissions.

Neighborhood Favorites Are Our Favorites

We proudly curate the highest quality, essential products from local partners to stock you up, from up the block. Take Bean2Bean Coffee in Philadelphia—we source fresh and direct from our friends Jonathan and Obel in reusable vats that are refilled weekly. Zero-waste refills from the roaster all the way to your home.

what we are working on for tomorrow:

Sustainable Product Options For All

Our goal is to build the most inclusive service to have the largest impact—we understand that not every super sustainable product is right for everyone, so we will be offering a range of sustainable products to make sure you can find the right product for you.

Transparency From Us

We will be increasing reporting on our sustainability efforts so we can be accountable to you, ourselves and the planet. From ingredients to shipping distances and carbon footprint, we’re committed to sharing the details that matter for both you and the planet’s health.

Net Zero Carbon For Mother Nature

We are actively exploring a pilot with a major manufacturer of e-vans in order to have a fully electric fleet in all our markets. While we aim to have zero carbon emissions, for those emissions that we do produce, we are working on offsetting them to be net zero carbon.

More members, Greater Impact

With every new member we have more leverage to:

  • Increase our purchasing power to source a larger variety of more sustainable products
  • Expand our service area to include more people in more places
  • Further reduce our footprint at scale, making zero-waste the new normal :)
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