About Us

What exactly is The Rounds?

The Rounds is a sustainable refill and delivery service for the stuff you use every day. We deliver your items free of single-use packaging waste, so no more boxes inside of boxes. We keep your kitchen, bathroom, and vanity stocked with local favorites and sustainable basics.

What is the The Rounds Psychic Home Manager?

We gaze into our crystal ball to know exactly what you need right before you need it, so you never run out. Your Psychic Home Manager is a combination of a predictive algorithm and a human-touch that predicts delivery cadence and quantities for each Refill, so you never run out.

How can I tell if The Rounds is in my neighborhood?

Enter your zip code here to confirm if we are refilling and picking up at your address, or check out our service area coverage here. If we're not in your neighborhood yet, please join our wait list and we’ll keep you informed of when The Rounds launches near you!

About Our Products

How much do your products cost?

Our product details and prices are listed here: https://www.therounds.co/products

We source products from wholesale providers, and pass any price savings onto members.

Where do you source your products?

We partner directly with manufacturers and local businesses to get you the highest quality, sustainable staples. We do the work of curating the highest-quality, sustainable products—we’re talking thoughtfully designed, better made, longer lasting, ethically sourced, and eco-friendly.

What are your product standards?

We’ve curated the best products in each category, carefully vetting on quality and sustainability. Everything we carry is free of all the nasty, toxic stuff. 

Delivery & Refill

When do you deliver?

We designate a set Refill Day every week for your neighborhood. Hit us up to find out your neighborhood’s Refill Day!

Woah, weekly? That feels like a lot...

Don’t worry, it’s not! We’re in your neighborhood every week making the rounds on our e-bikes, so this just ensures that we’re here when you need us, and you’re always stocked with the basics you already use every day — like TP and hand soap. You can set each item to come at the frequency that works best for you.

How much does delivery cost?

There are no delivery fees. All weekly refills are included with your membership.

What is Reverse Logistics?

Our members place their empty containers outside their doors and we come pick them up, reversing the direction of conventional one way shipping channels. Almost all consumer products today move along distribution and fulfillment channels that resemble straight lines. Retailers and delivery services ship to consumers, who in turn dispose of the product and the product’s packaging. The Rounds is turning those straight lines into “closed-loop” circles through the use of reusable containers. Reverse Logistics is the process of closing the loop.

What do I do with my containers?

You just leave them outside your door for us on Refill Day, or wherever you receive your bundle! No need to return them if you’re not ready yet, just leave them for us when you’ve got empties.

Which containers are refillable?

Please return any glass containers, jars, or bottles, as well as any cotton or canvas bags. When we pick them up, they’ll be washed and sanitized before being refilled and sent back out for their next Refill Day.

How does my stuff get to me?

Our team delivers bundles on e-bikes and e-vans from a local Neighborhood Refillment Center. We make the rounds weekly on a neighborhood Refill Day.

Who will refill and deliver my stuff?

Our employees are background-checked, bonded and insured. We’re friendly folks that live in your neighborhood. We prep your refill in our hyper-local Neighborhood Refillment Center (“NRC” for short). We send you a text when we’re on our way and another text when we drop off your refill bundle at your door.

What if I run out of products?

You won't! If our fancy-pants predictive algorithm is ever wrong, a real human will make it right. Just text us at 855-674-1999 and you’ll see.

How do I return a product?

If you’re having an issue with your product, or no longer need a product you ordered, just text us at 855-674-1999 or email support@therounds.co and we’ll take care of it.

Membership & Payment

What do The Rounds members get?

You’ll want to sit down for this. For $10 a month, members get access to:

  • Personalized, set-it-and-forget-it refills 
  • Autopilot drop-offs and pick-ups at your door every week
  • The best, premium natural products you use every day at bulk shop prices
  • Thoughtfully designed, reusable containers that complement your home
What if I want to pause or stop my membership?

Easy. Just text 855-674-1999 or email support@therounds.co if you want to pause or stop your membership. We can easily skip a refill or pause your service at zero cost. This is NOT some rigid subscription service that leaves you with a mountain of items you don’t want. 100% happiness guaranteed.

When is my card charged?

 You’ll be charged a monthly fee beginning on the day of your first refill.  Charges for your bundles are processed separately, upon successful delivery of your refill. 

If you’ve signed up with a free trial, we’ll automatically charge you for your membership fee when your trial period ends. Note that during the free trial, you don’t pay any membership fees, you only pay for the items in your bundle!