The Rounds now offers package pickup services in Philadelphia. Whether it’s a return package with a dress you didn’t like, or a gift to your Grandma, you can just leave it in the Rounds bag along with your empties and we will bring it to the carrier of your choice on the same day!

How it works:

  1. Before your refill day, add “Package delivery service” to your bundle. We will text you to know if you want it delivered to UPS, USPS or FedEx office. 
  2. The Rounder will pick up your package along with your empties and refill bag.
  3. Once all routes are finished, we will collect all packages and bring them to your carrier of choice and send you a text message with a picture of your package on its way to its destination! 

Some additional instructions: 

  1. Please seal packages with tape and apply shipping labels! Please also make sure the package does not have any old labels on it. Otherwise, we will not be able to pick up the package and will have to leave it at your door. 
  2. We won’t be able to pick up anything that’s heavier than 20 lbs.
  3. Please do not send anything that’s more expensive than $100. If you suspect that your package was picked up by the Rounder but was not dropped off at the post office, please contact Member Support (855 674 1999) as soon as possible
  4. We are sure you won’t, but - we cannot take anything fragile, liquid, perishable, or potentially hazardous, including lithium batteries and perfume.