How it works

1. Add 5 Gal Compost Pickup  or 2 Gal Compost Pickup service to your bundle and receive a clean 2 or 5 Gal bucket on your next refill day.
We will deliver your bucket together with your bundle - in a carbon free way!

2. Put your household food waste into the bucket.
No bags please; We accept the majority of the food waste, except for meat scraps, bones and dairy. Scroll down for the full list of do’s and don’ts.

3. Make sure you have "2/5 Gal Compost Pickup" service in your bundle and leave your full bucket outside in the morning on your refill day.
We will replace your full bucket with a clean one.


What is accepted?

Kitchen waste:

  • Fruits and vegetables – peels, pits, leaves, seeds, stems – all of it!  
  • Nuts, shells  
  • Coffee grounds, paper filters  
  • Tea bags (no staples)  
  • Grains like bread, crackers, cereal, cookies, pasta, flour, rice 
  • Egg shells  
  • Houseplant trimmings, cut flowers  
  • Paper products like napkins, towels, plates

We will not accept bones/meat scraps. Please do not use any bags, compostable or not.

Yard waste:

  • Leaves  
  • Grass clippings  
  • Flowers, plants and weeds  
  • Straw and hay  
  • Yard trimmings

Please do not use any bags, compostable or not.

How do I pause/stop?

You can pause your compost pickup anytime, just like you do it with your regular bundle. If you’d like to stop your compost pickup, please reach out to our Member Support team at or by text at 855-674-1999.

What if my bucket is stolen?

Please reach out to our Member Support team and we will send you a new bucket with a lock on your next refill day.