What is The Produce Basket?

From where your produce is coming from, to the definition of "regenerative farming," you'll find all you need to know about our history-making fruits + veggies below!

What is in my Produce Basket?

Our produce baskets have a selection of fresh fruits + veggies powered by Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op delivered to you by us, The Rounds. All items are responsibly sourced from local, independent farmers. The produce comes pre-packed in a reusable, insulated bag with a rotating selection of fruits and veggies. 

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (LFFC) is an organic farmers cooperative of over 75 farmers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They focus on creating healthy, high quality foods from their highly maintained and enriched soils on our small scale family farms. When you purchase LFFC products you can be confident that you will receive the freshest products, farmed with consideration for the land, animals and people. 

All produce comes in reusable, insulated delivery bags that keep your produce as fresh as possible. However, if you will not be home during delivery, we cannot be held accountable for any item left unattended for more than one hour.

Please note: We cannot sell produce to Members who leverage pick up locations for their product. We will proactively remove the produce bag from a bundle if its delivery location is to a pick up spot. 

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Will I know what is in my Produce Basket ahead of time?

Our freshest fruits and veggies may differ each week, so we can't tell you ahead of time exactly what will be in the basket at this time. However, when ordering the large basket you can expect 7-8 different types of fruits & veggies and enough produce for 1-2 people. If ordering the small basket you can expect 4-5 different types of fruits & veggies and enough produce for one person. 

For example, a Large Produce Basket for the winter season could include apples, orange carrots, collard greens, baby spinach, little gem lettuce, onions, radishes and sweet potatoes. Cozy meals ahead!

What if I don’t like certain types of produce? Can I switch out produce? 

At this time, we can’t customize the items in your Produce Basket, but please reach out to your Psychic Home Manager with feedback on what types of produce you want to see! You can text here at 855-674-1999. 

Do I return the bag that my produce is delivered in?

Yes! Please leave out your produce bag with the rest of your empties and our Rounders will come and pick it up. Bags will be cleaned and reused! Any rubber bands used to group produce can also be returned to our team! 

Where is this produce coming from?

All of the produce you receive will come from local farms near Lancaster, PA

Is my produce organic?

Most produce will be Certified Organic, but you will receive some items (primarily fruit) that are chemical free and/or grown using IPM methods.

What techniques do the farmers use?

As growers, LFFC takes responsibility for how agriculture affects the environment. By farming in partnership with nature, they build healthy soils, protect waterways, and sustain the biodiverse ecosystems of these lands. In these ways, we can both preserve farmland for future generations and work to ensure the well-being of all life.Unless they note otherwise, their growing methods comply with USDA certified organic standards and are thus chemical-free. The fruit may be grown using IPM methods which would not be Organic.

Delivery questions

From what to expect when you're expecting a Produce Basket, to how your produce will stay fresh, you'll find all you need to know about how your delivery will go below!

How will my produce stay fresh during delivery?

All produce comes in reusable, insulated delivery bags that will help control the temperature of your produce. We receive multiple deliveries of produce bags per week at our facilities, to make sure your produce gets from the farm to you as quickly and as fresh as possible! 

I will not be home during my delivery. How can I be sure my produce remains fresh?

All produce will come in a reusable, insulated bag that will help protect your produce from the elements if you are not home at the time of delivery. 

However, we cannot be held accountable for any quality changes for items left unattended for more than one hour.

If you won’t be home on Refill Day and you’re concerned about your produce, we encourage you to leave a cooler with ice packs out that we can leave your produce in. You will receive a sticker from The Rounds with your first Produce Basket that you can use to marcate a cooler where you would like to put produce in!

Will my produce be delivered with my weekly Bundle?

Yes! Your produce will be delivered with the rest of your products, in separate bags and containers. 

Will my bag still be delivered straight to my door?

Depending on the rules of your building, we may not be able to deliver straight to your door. If your building mandates that perishable food stay in the lobby of your building, you can expect to find your entire bundle (inclusive of all other non-produce products) there! 

I pick up my bundles from a pick up location, will I be able to order a produce bag?

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver produce to pick up locations. Any produce baskets added to a neighborhood pickup members’ bundle will be removed. If you would like produce delivered as part of your bundle, please reach out to our Member Support team so we can check to see if we deliver to your home or office! You can text them here 855-674-1999.