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Produce Basket

Produce Basket


The Produce Basket is a selection of fresh fruits + veggies powered by 4P Foods delivered to you by The Rounds. All items are responsibly sourced from local, independent farmers. It comes pre-packed in a reusable, insulated bag with a selection of 6-7 types of veggies & 1-2 types of fruits. The bag feeds approximately 1-2 people for a week, depending on how often you cook and how much produce you eat.

4P Foods’ farms engage in labor practices that enable people and communities to thrive, and in growing practices that actively build the soil and promote biodiversity. The goal is to create a better food system that is equitable and regenerative, and in which all living beings are treated with respect and dignity.

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All produce comes in reusable, insulated delivery bags that keep your produce as fresh as possible. However, if you will not be home during delivery, we cannot be held accountable for any item left unattended for more than one hour.

Please note: We cannot sell produce to members who leverage pick up locations for their product. We will proactively remove the produce bag from a bundle if its delivery location is to a pick up spot. Actual produce bag may not have all of the produce featured in our images.


Winter in-season produce may include apples, collard greens, potatoes, winter squash, onions, beets, turnips, radishes, sweet potatoes, and cabbage.

Please note: Actual produce bag may not have all of the produce featured in our images